How does the No coverage, No fee PR service work?

Due to my extensive media contacts, I regularly hear about media opportunities that might be relevant to you. Usually it's for a comment from an expert but could also be a feature opportunity that may not be related to what you do but could result in a namecheck for your business.

When I hear about anything that fits with your expertise or business, I’ll contact you to see if you want me to pitch your profile and/or story to the media and aim to secure a mention, quote from you and/or interview. You only pay once you are published, live or aired.

1. Sign-up - Submit your contact details, background information and area of expertise via my sign-up form and I’ll add you to my database. Your mobile number is key because news stories can break at any time.

2. Story breaks - When a story breaks that’s relevant to your sector or expertise, I’ll be in touch and ask if you’d like to comment. It’s entirely your choice – no pressure! I’ll also get in touch if I spot an opportunity that might be relevant.

3. Draft media statement - If you do want to contribute your views to the story, I can turn your thoughts into a punchy media statement and/or quote - or offer you up for interview if you are willing.

4. Issue media statement - Once you’ve approved the statement, I’ll get it across to all the journalists who are covering the story, generally by email and/or Twitter.

5. No Coverage, No Fee – If you get featured in a relevant media outlet I will charge a fee. Pricing varies according to the media.

  • Local/regional media (online and/or print) £100
  • Trade media (online and/or print£100
  • Influential blogger, ie one that is a contextual fit and has more than 2.5k unique monthly visitors (£100)
  • Local TV/radio £200
  • National media (online and/or print) £250
  • National TV/radio £300
  • Press Association/Associated Press/Reuters/Other Newswire £300

Importantly, I will ‘cap’ the fee at £500 for each media statement issued. That way your fee doesn’t spiral out of control if you appear in six national newspapers — you’d still be charged £500 not £1500