Social media etiquette - my top 10 tips


  1. Do think before you post: be responsible for what you write - use good judgement and common sense.

  2. Do always read through what you are about to post to check for errors.

  3. Do monitor regularly and respond to all queries as quickly as possible. If you say something that’s incorrect, don’t take the post down, just update it with the correct information.

  4. Do show respect for people in all your communications even if you disagree strongly with their opinions. Discuss the post but don’t criticise the person posting. Keep your cool, never swear or lose your temper. Remove yourself from conversations if they become abusive.

  5. Don't delete posts or ban users just because they're critical as this may lead people to believe that you have something to hide and can inflame the situation. Instead, try to openly address their concerns.

  6. Don’t hide information. If there’s any chance it can come out it will.

  7. Don’t repeat personal conversations online and don’t give out information about other people or bring others into a conversation without their permission.

  8. Don’t use your profile to post negatively about other organisations or individuals. It doesn’t look professional and could expose you to complaints of defamation.

  9. Don't post too many promotional messages. Social media is about people communicating with people so try to avoid sounding too corporate.

  10. Do only share information that’s already in the public domain. Failure to comply with Data Protection law can result in significant fines for any organisation and can cause significant reputational damage.